Below is a listing of current active committees of the Queen Anne's County Community Partnerships for Children and Families, our Local Management Board. The organization’s bylaws state that committees may be established by the Board as the need arises. Appointment to these committees shall be made by the President and approved by the Board. The specific purpose, task or responsibility of these committees will be determined by the Board. Traditionally, non-board members have been allowed to participate on Board committees. It is important to note that Local Management Board members and staff participate on a lot of varied committees within the community. Those listed below are only the committees and boards with a direct or subordinate link to the Local Management Board.

Character Counts! Advisory Committee

Committee works to infuse aspects of character development in all facets of our lives in Queen Anne's County including, school, home, churches, businesses, agencies, etc. They meet every other month and hold numerous events.

Meeting Times: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:00 a.m.
Location: Dept. of Community Services – Kramer Center
Chair(s): Wayne Humphries & Susan Coppage
Chair Emeritus:
Staff Liaison: Melinda Ray, Character Counts! Coordinator

Drug Free Queen Anne's Coalition

The LMB was the recipient for several years of a Drug Free Communities support grant from the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The Drug Free Communities Support Program required that each county that receives its grant have a drug coalition. Since the grant has expired the coalition has settled as a sub group under the Queen Anne's County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council run out of the Queen Anne's County office of Addictions. The Coalition takes the role as the “grass roots and worker bees” to the council.

Meeting Times: 2nd Wednesday of every other month 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Location: QAC Sheriff's Office
Chair(s): Warren Wright
Staff Liaison: Mike Clark

Early Childhood Council of Queen Anne’s Co.

The Early Childhood Council of Queen Anne’s County works jointly with the Local Interagency Coordinating Council to improve early childhood outcomes around children entering school ready to learn. The Council is composed of early childhood educators, policy-makers, and community advocates. Its mission is to identify the most important factors and most effective strategies for making the greatest possible gains in early care and education.

Meeting Times:
Location: Queen Anne’s County Board of Education
Chair(s): Jone Taylor
Staff Liaison: Mike Clark
Web: n/a

CommUNITY Mentoring

CommUNITY Mentoring matches a team of highly trained Mentors with an Opportunity Youth (16-24 year old) to assist them with building soft skills to maximize their employment potential or help them with achieving their educational goals.

Nominating/Membership Committee

The nominating committee, though small in number, plays a big part in the makeup of our board members. The committee members round up community interest in board or committee membership, receive an informative history on each candidate, and relay the information to the board at their monthly meetings. The committee then recommends those best suited for each position, whether it is board membership or committee membership. The board votes on the recommendations, and the final vote is then submitted to the County Commissioners for nomination.

Meeting Times: Determined by online polling and committee consensus – typically only meets January through May.
Location: Varies, much work is done online
Chairs(s): Mary Ann Thompson
Staff Liaison: Mike Clark
Web: n/a

Backpack Committee

The committee was established to facilitate and expand the Open Table initiative throughout Queen Anne's county. Open Table is a model restoring people in poverty to our communities through relationship and the investment of our own vocational and life experiences and personal networks utilizing service clubs and faith based centers. Through the Open Table a collaboration of faith communities, government, business and non-profits work to transform poverty to sustainability and wholeness.

Meeting Times: As scheduled
Location: To Be Determined
Chair(s): Susan Coppage, Co-Chair Vince Radosta
Staff Liaison: Mike Clark
Web: (national website)

Out of School Time

This committee was established in the spring of 2011 in order to develop strategies to achieve the goals that children have a safe place to be during out-of-school hours utilizing the resources that are available.

Meeting Times: Determined by online polling and committee consensus
Location: Dept. of Community Services – Kramer Center
Chair(s): Open
Staff Liaison: Amy Cummins
Web: n/a

Strategic Planning Committee

Overview: Committee responsible for getting the strategic plan and needs assessment complete. Recently has taken on the role of ensuring that other committees work towards accomplishing the goals in the strategic plan. Also has taken on some of the more difficult objectives listed in the strategic plan.

Meeting Times: 2nd Wednesday of the month, 10:00-11:30
Location: The Kramer Center
Chairs: Mike Clark
Staff Liaison: Mike Clark
Web: n/a

QAC Safety Net

Overview: The Committee will address behavioral health, bullying and harassment, and suicide prevention in Queen Anne's County.
Meeting Times: TBD
Location: TBD
Chairs: Stirling Ward, Leslie Follum, Linda Austin, and Matt Evans
Staff Liaison: Mike Clark
Web: n/a