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Local Management Board’s Community Partnership Agreement (CPA)

The Queen Anne’s County Local Management Board (LMB) works in partnership with numerous partners locally and agencies at the State level to develop a local System of Care (SOC) that is child-centered and family-focused, with the needs of Queen Anne’s children and families dictating the types and mix of services provided. The LMB puts a priority on community-based services with management and decision-making responsibility resting at the community level. LMB strives to make the SOC strengths-based, culturally competent, with agencies, programs and services that are responsive to the cultural, racial, and ethnic differences of the populations they serve.

Specific to our CPA, the LMB prioritized four quality of life conditions we would like for Queen Anne’s County Children and Families. They are listed below. Click on each one to see how we measure these conditions, how we are doing on them and see some of the strategies and programs that we fund to help turn the curve in each of these areas.

The Queen Anne’s County Local Management Board (LMB) is lucky to have a vibrant group of board members who want to get things done and see results while doing. The LMB has an active committee structure which focuses on specific actions to achieve the results related to the committee.  Click on each committee name to view their recent activities and performance through results scorecard.