Queen Anne’s County Local Management Board Collective

II. Children WillComplete School 1) Educational Attainment -the percentage of young adults ages18-24 who have not earned a highschool or equivalency diploma2) Graduation Rate – special attentionto sub-populations. Results Initiatives Indicators (quantifies theachievement of the result) I. Communities Safe forChildren Youth & Families Overseer: Backbone 1) Child Maltreatment III. Youth Have Opportunitiesfor Employment &Career Readiness Parent Connect (Youthwith Incarcerated Parents) Governor's Priority Areas Opportunity Youth (Disconnected Youth) Strategic Planning Committee Strategic Planning Committee Out of School Time OST Committee Character Counts! CC! Advisory Committee Connecting Families with Children at Risk Collaborative Mentoring Efforts Local Care Team CommUNITY Committee Backpack for Kids Backpack Committee Safety Net (School Climate, Anti Bullying & Suicide Prevention) Safety Net Committee 1) Percent of Youth Ages 16-24 Not inSchool and Not Working Local Care Team Chesapeake Helps Healthy Families Achievement Mentoring Local Care Team Chesapeake Helps Healthy Families Partnering for Youth AlphaBEST County Recreation Grant Program Southern/Central County Faith Collab Northern County Collab Text 2 Stop It Unity Day Olweus Program Unity and Challenge Day AFSP Walk Awareness Mental Health First Aid & Other Trainings Coaching Other Community Efforts Business of Character Community Marketing Local Care Team Family Navigator Substance Use Diversion Grant Community/Partnering 100K Community Mentoring (100K Opportunities) Family Navigator